Thursday, September 27, 2007


27th Sept 2007 thursday - day 2 of junta's crackdown

27 Sep 07, 21:01 Niknayman: The military will arrest all young man, young woman, and elder men in Yangon, South Okkalarpa, Ward 2,3, and 4. Please warn them to run away from the area.

27 Sep 07, 20:24 Niknayman: Monks in Kathar, also protested today. But they can not get out of their monastery fence, because soldiers have sealed off from outside.

27 Sep 07, 19:33 Niknayman: Confirmed reports says that 2 people died on the spot while they were fleeing away while trying to climb up a fence.

27 Sep 07, 19:13 Niknayman: There are reports that they have brought out prisoners from jail to do all the dirty work.

27 Sep 07, 19:12 Niknayman: NaAhPha (the gov) forced newspapers and journals to publish their propagada news by force, without pay. Some stop issueing journals.

27 Sep 07, 19:01 minzaw: Those who could run got free. About 70-80 people got arrested.

27 Sep 07, 19:01 minzaw: They turn electricity off to Kyeemyindine, and arresting people in the dark.

27 Sep 07, 18:53 Niknayman: Vendors from Kyaw Kyar salad shop are helping the police at the end of Seikkanthar Street.

27 Sep 07, 18:37 Niknayman: Please wait for the video here.

27 Sep 07, 18:04 -Niknayman: There are troops at Sule point. Aound Pansodan too.

27 Sep 07, 18:03 koyinaaw:There are blood everywhere, even on the road side:,1020,979753,00.jpg

27 Sep 07, 18:00 koyinaaw: There are new pics of today:

27 Sep 07, 17:59 Niknayman: The crowd did not go to Hledan. They marched to Bayintnaung. At Ywarma junction, they were now being shot!

27 Sep 07, 17:55 Niknayman: Many people are waiting at corner of Makaryut Bone Hospital and Sinmalite road. There are no soldiers on Signal Pagoda Road, and Aung San Stadium area.

27 Sep 07, 17:53 koyinaaw: There are about 2000 people marching toward Hledan. They will shoot.

27 Sep 07, 17:50 -myochit: Last breaking news! SwanArrShin group, and the riot police threw stones at houses, to break glasses purposely. The next day, they will lie and accuse that protestors did that under.

27 Sep 07, 17:47 -koyinaaw: People from Thiri Mingalar market, please help! 27 Sep 07, 17:44 -second man: That old woman will get scared to death or die. I still can not call Thiri Mingalar Market.

27 Sep 07, 18:16 -Niknayman: video clip of today's happening

27 Sep 07, 17:40 -koyinaaw: Daw Kyine Kyine (wife of General Than Shwe) Ph: 82338354Than Dar Shwe (daughter of General Than Shwe) ph no: 81387250 are now in Singapore!

27 Sep 07, 17:38 -second man: Frighten them. Distract them by making noises!

27 Sep 07, 17:36 -minzaw: They are still shooting around Tarmwe Plaza. Not stopped yet.

27 Sep 07, 17:35 -koyinaaw: They are going to kill people marching from Thiri Mingalar Market from Hledan side. Please alert them quick!

27 Sep 07, 17:35 -second man: People living on high rises on Strand Road, please drop heavy items (stones or bottles) on top of these soldiers below you.

27 Sep 07, 17:34 -Niknayman: Soldiers are surrounding all Buddhist monasteries in Natsin Road, Kamaryut area. People are also shouting and swearing.

27 Sep 07, 17:33 -Niknayman: I heard shooting on Pansodan Road through the phone. Muslims can not go to Pali to worship. They are shouting now. Shooting on 37th street too.

27 Sep 07, 17:32 -koyinaaw: They are going to shoot down the crowd marching from Thiri Mingalar Market from Hledan side. Please warn them asap!

27 Sep 07, 17:32 -minzaw: They are still shooting now!

27 Sep 07, 17:32 -koyinaaw: Military dogs are waiting at Hledan.

27 Sep 07, 17:32 -minzaw: They were shooting at people in front of Tarmwe Plaza at 5pm about 30 min. ago.

27 Sep 07, 17:31 -koyinaaw: They are getting ready to shoot the crowd marching from Thiri Mingalar Market from Hledan side. Please warn them asap!

27 Sep 07, 17:29 -second man: Let's drum on metal boxes to make sounds to alert people.

27 Sep 07, 17:28 -Niknayman: Tear gas bombs have been exploded in front of ROHS just now!

27 Sep 07, 17:26 - koyinaaw: Let's look after people, religion, sasana, and wisdom.

27 Sep 07, 17:25 -second man: Let's get prepared and organize for guerrila attacks.

27 Sep 07, 17:24 - MinZaw: The dead journalist is a Japanese. Not from BBC.

27 Sep 07, 17:23 - second man: Gurrila warfare would be better. Strengthen with young people.

27 Sep 07, 17:22 - NikNayman -- Young people are trying to block the roads with barriers, so that soldier's trucks can not come in.

27 Sep 07, 17:21 - koyinaww: UN Security Councili information:

27 Sep 07, 14:20 - Niknayman: Just a few minutes ago 7 people found dead at Sule shooting.

27 Sep 07, 14:19 - Niknayman: They just took away the dead body of a foreigner (Some says American. Some says German). Needs to be confirmed. He was in blue tee shirt and shorts, by a Dyna car.

27 Sep 07, 14:18 - MyoChit - The UN has recently formed a department to report about Burmese military's terrorism. Theire phone numbers are 554625, 55459727 Sep 07, 14:15- MinZaw - About 20 monks and 3000 men and women just passed Sanpya Cinema and marched along Anawrahta Road.

27 Sep 07, 14:10 - MinZaw - They took a foreign journalist who was wearning a blue tee shirt. It was near Let Ywe Sin tea shop, downtown Yangon.

27 Sep 07, 14:08 - MinZaw - Shooting just starts now at Sule Pagoda, heart of Yangon! BBC news reporter is dead. About 15,000 people are marching from Sule to Bohtataung